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Online User's Manual

The fastest and most effective way to build and connect with your personal online network.

Setup Takes 5 Minutes.

Online manual teaches you everything you need to know, in order to become your own online communications specialist.

Getting Started

STEP 1: Secure Ownership of your Portal

STEP 2: Edit Your First Page

STEP 3: Create your First Content Page

Editing Content

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Adding Coloured Lines to Text

Adding Photos

Changing Text Content

Adding Pages

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"Create New Page" / "Configure Page" Buttons

Access Control

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Application Level Security

Page Access Security Levels

Member Authorization Levels

Removing Google Ads

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Making your site your own.

Membership Management

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Bar Chart

Membership Data Backup, Delete & Restore

Membership Data Upload

Membership Dump

Member Report Function

Managing Member Data

Site Configuration

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Free Stock Photos

Turning sidebar menus (left) and ads (right) on and off

Changing the width of your portal

Site Colour Scheme

Adding a graphic banner to your site.

Site Configuration

Photo Management

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Better Control Over Photo#2

Referencing photos using html img tags

Applying Photos to your pages.

Uploading Photos

Banner Ads

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Run your own banner ads for clients and sponsors

Alternate Languages

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The Translation Control Panel

Switching Between Languages.

Turning on the two language system

Formatting Tools

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Floating Text (Inset) Boxes

Hiding Text On Your Pages

Double Column Pages

Admin Control Panel

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Overview of Administrative Control Panel

Standard Panel

Translation Panel

Banner Ad Management Panel

Photo Management Panel

Content Management Panel

Community Forums

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Discussion Boards or Forums

Creating Families of Forums


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Announcement or News Feed Facility

Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery


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surveyme - Deploying Community Surveys

surveymaster - Entering Survey Questions

surveymaster - Setting Up a Survey

Survey Software

News Letter Facility

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Campaign Management

Member Cluster Management

Mail Merge Facility

News Letter Broadcasts

Opportunity Board

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Searchable Online Classifieds

Coming Events

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Event Calendar


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Online Document and Resource Sharing


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Web Traffic Analysis


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