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Research Survey : Nanotechnology in BC
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Research Survey: Nanotechnology in BC

This Project in Context:

In 2004 NRC contracted with the BC Advanced Systems Institute to undertake the first comprehensive survey of nanotechnology resources and capabilities in British Columbia. The survey was a great success providing a snap shot of industrial and academic nanotechnology activities within the province. This information has been used locally, nationally, and internationally to put BC on the nanotechnology map and to raise its profile within the Canadian and global community. However, since that survey, much has changed. The academic community has added new capabilities and facilities, and scientific programs have picked up pace. The industrial application of nanotechnology has become more clearly defined in several sectors with a growing receptor capacity. In addition Nanotech BC was formed this year to provide a focal point for nanotechnology activities in the province. Part of its mission is to track developments within the community and to act as a bridge between industry and academia. With the support of the British Columbia Ministry of Economic Development, Nanotech BC is pleased to announce an update to its 2004 survey, and we need your input to map the nanotechnology community. You are already on our database or have been added through our network of contacts. Your help is vital in forming a comprehensive picture. We estimate 15-20 minutes will be required to complete the survey but the site allows you save your input and return to it later if you wish. Please complete the survey as thoroughly as possible. Unless otherwise indicated, all information will be presented in aggregated form only. By raising the profile of this sector in BC, opportunities for funding, contracts, and support are improved for all participants. We aim to distribute the results of our survey in early 2007. Thank you sincerely for your contributions.

About Nanotechnology:

Nanotechnology encompasses the design, characterization, production and application of very small structures to exploit their unique physical, chemical and biological properties. Size dependent properties of nanomaterials, usually in the 1- to 100-nanometer range, include electronic, photonic, magnetic, rheological, structural and mechanical effects. Nano-enabled products are those that gain value-added attributes from their utilization of nanomaterials, inclusion of nanodevices within the product, or have nanocoatings or treatments. Nano-enabled processes utilize nanotechnology to produce products more efficiently, often with sustainable development benefits. Nanoscience is the exploration and analysis of phenomena which arise as a function of nanoscale interactions at the molecular and atomic levels of materials.

About the BC Ministry of Economic Development:

The Ministry of Economic Development is currently engaged in the development of Asset Maps for several key technology areas within BC, which aim to identify academic and industrial capabilities, as well as collaboration and commercialization opportunities. The audience for the Asset Maps include academic institutions, corporations and corporate researchers interested in collaborative research opportunities, corporations interested in joint venture or partnership opportunities, and investors interested in commercialization opportunities. In addition, the Ministry’s in-market representatives will use the reports to identify leads in their home countries (in Europe, the United States, and Asia). The maps will be translated into several languages and distributed to Canadian consulates in the Pacific Rim and elsewhere. Nanotechnology has been identified as one topic of interest to overseas agencies, and so the Ministry wishes to generate a document, which will describe the status of nanotechnology in British Columbia. The creation of a nanotechnology asset map is a primary reason for conducting this survey. See more information at http://www.gov.bc.ca/ecdev/popt/gallery/default.htm.

About Nanotech BC:

The British Columbia Nanotechnology Alliance (Nanotech BC) was incorporated in 2006 with funding from NRC-IRAP and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education following several years of exploration by a joint steering committee including academic, industrial, and government representatives. The steering committee funded several studies exploring nanotechnology in BC, and now continues its activities through Nanotech BC. Through its board of directors, steering committee members, and staff/consultants Nanotech BC provides comprehensive reach into the burgeoning nanotech community. The second aim of this survey is to update the information already assembled concerning BC’s nanotechnology community (in 2004) for use within the communities served by Nanotech BC. See more information at http://www.nanotechbc.ca.


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