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Our Path to Safety

October 21 2007

An overview of the evolution of Life and of the Universe itself, reveals mankind's destiny ... but only if mankind opens up to recognizing the signs.

Sometimes I get the feeling that we humans are acting like a crowd trapped in a building where we're all just starting to smell smoke. We know we're in danger, but we've forgotten how we got here and where we were supposed to be going. But we do know that we may be in immanent danger of bodily harm.

Before we start to run off in all directions I'd like to invite you to sit with me for a moment and to look at a map. A map of where we've been and where we could be going.

Armed with this perspective I believe we'll be in a better postion to head calmly towards an exit and to extricate ourself from this situation in a relatively healthy condition.

Here are some of the questions that I plan to explore. Follow the links and read the discussion. ... The future is ours to lose.

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