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Cinnamon Helps Stop Type 2 Diabetes

October 22 2007
It was during the holiday season in December 2006 that I had a chance to watch the movie "Super Size Me" on television and I became alarmed when I watched the interview with the individual diagnosed with Type II Diabetes .... Alarmed because I too was suffering these systems including loss of energy and periodic loss of vision, particularly the ability to see letters in words.

The vision related symptoms that I was having appeared as episodes whihc were happening about once a week. During these episodes I would lose the ability to read words on a computer screen or on a printed document. The letters would still there but there, but there were holes in the letters. After 20 minutes the symptoms would subside and be replaced with a ring of jagged lights appearing in my peripheral vision.

My immediate response was to seek an appointment with a family doctor. However there is a family doctor shortage in the province of Ontario and due to a series of cancellations with the doctor I did find, it was March before I was finally able to see a doctor.

In the meantime I had learned that cinnamon was been reported in the Journal of Nature as having a positive effect in reducing elevated levels of blood sugar. I began in January 2007 taking cinnamon on toast for breakfast, perhaps half a teaspoon or less and I have had only two minor episodes of vision loss since and my energy levels have returned to normal. These two vision loss episodes were shorter in duration and lower in intensity that those I had previously experienced regularly. When I finally did have my blood tested my sugar levels were completely normal.

This is not scientific evidence that cinnamon cures Type II Diabetes but rather a testimonial to say that this has had real positive effects on my life and that it is definitely worth a try if you, or someone you care about, believes that they could have Type II Diabetes.

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