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May 12 2008
There's an old German expression that says, "We are too soon old and too late smart!"

Having passed the age of fifty and into the infancy of my old age, there are so many choice bits of wisdom that I have gleaned that I would like to pass on to my children, or to anyone else who might listen for that matter [smiles].

But we all have busy lives and listening time is at premium. What people need is an idea, or a morsel of information, that can solve or resolve an immediate challenge in their lives. ... Just-In-Time-Wisdom I suppose we might call it.

In real life, I sometimes get confused as to which life it is that is real, but in the world where people walk around and talk to each other without typing, I always try to compress learning messages into stories. These stories provide context for the lesson to illustrate how, and why a human relations principle can be applied in another person's life.

As I began to write these capsules I found that I was connecting these ideas to traditional sayings that we all know, but seldom consider seriously. So these blog entries have become an annotation to a rich English language hertage of cultural axioms.

As life long learner I have to credit hundreds of authors and thinkers who have helped me along my way, and as well to all of of the people with whom I have had the privilege of brushing shoulders. If you are interested in consulting a few of the original sources for my thinking I would recommend: Dale Carnegie to those who want to get along with others; Anthony Robbins for people who want to get along with themselves; Peter Drucker for people who want to succeed in business; Mahatma Ghandi for those who would wish to lead others; the Tao Te Ching for people wanting to make sense of a senseless world; John Lovelock for people trying to place humanity into a global context; JRR Tolkein for an illustration of how words can be used to create an alternative reality; and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, for people who wish to avoid becoming the nice guy who finished last.

Philip Carr
Publisher, Canada Connects
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