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Wolfgang Baun

Wolfgang Baun
Vice President, Canada Health Care
EDS Canada

Over the next 5 to 10 years Tele-Health will have a dramatic impact on the lives of Canadians, enabling equal access to a broad range of healthcare services, regardless of geographic location, and enhancing the quality of life for many. The advancements in tools, techniques, and ICT technologies, will enable the provision of specialist services ranging form consultation and diagnosis to remote surgery. By illustration, an individual will be able to communicate with their care provider securely over the internet (both visual and audio), have their blood pressure checked and , if appropriate, have a specialist join the session. Of particular importance with our aging population, is the ability of Tele-Health to support ongoing Case Management for individuals with chronic illnesses, or those requiring rehabilitation services. The ability to provide support on a "virtual" basis remotely in addition to improving the quality of care will also enhance the quality of life. While many of these services are already provided on a limited basis, over the next 5 to 10 years, Tele-health will evolve to become an integral component of health-care delivery throughout Canada.


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