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Shirlee Sharkey

Shirlee Sharkey
President and CEO
Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Have you ever seen a photo mosaic? From afar, you can intuitively recognize an identifiable entity but when you step closer, look carefully, you realize that the big picture view is actually the synthesis of hundreds of tiny pictures that together give life to the whole.

Taken together, I believe Canadian telehealth success stories are giving rise to a vision of health information and care, anytime, anywhere. From health care management and monitoring tools to web-based education and communication, telehealth care delivery is one more mechanism we have for providing clients and families with the customized knowledge they need to make the best choices in the care of their own conditions.

In order to successfully execute information and communication technologies (ICTs) in health care delivery, organizations must have a culture of innovation throughout that guides new ideas and approaches through to execution. In addition to targeted resources, this requires commitment, structure and focus. Knowledge sharing and system-wide cooperation are also needed to foster a sense of connectivity that is so pivotal to this whole approach.

The great news is that telehealth initiatives have tremendous potential to support meaningful and much-needed transformation. In addition to offering clients timely access to care and services that are responsive to their needs regardless of their location, they can build an expanded knowledge base and support system for health care professionals and contribute to a “smarter”, more sustainable health system for the future. And when it all comes together, that will be a powerful picture indeed.


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