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Geordi Kakepetum

Geordi Kakepetum
Executive Director, Keewaytinook Okimakanak

Developing sustainable economies requires that the basics of reliable healthcare and education be put into place first. Our organization has recognized from the beginning of the KNET initiative that Telehealth and Internet High School represent the keys to our future growth.

We have come a long way since we began in 1994. We started by working with the people in our communities and succeeded in showing them the benefits.
Quickly we found that everyone from the elders to the young people understood the potential and wanted to participate.

From there we have built the networks and we are continuing to develop and install the telehealth and Internet High School equipment and services.

Our lives have been completely changed by the services we now receive over the network. Having telehealth care and Internet High School available in our communities is making us stronger as people. Being able to communicate with our neighbours is making us stronger as a community. Being able to communicate with the world is making us more ready to part of that world.

More doctors and nurses are still required in Northern communities but telehealth is an important and positive step forward providing us with the information and the screening we need to ensure that people who need medical treatment are seeking it sooner and recovering faster.


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