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Todd Herron

Todd Herron
Assistant Deputy Minister and
CIO for Alberta Health and Wellness

The future of health information technology in Alberta is bright says Todd Herron, the assistant deputy minister and the CIO for Alberta Health and Wellness.

“Even though we are in the early stages of deployment, Alberta is leading the way in developing a functional province-wide Electronic Health Record system, and it is already enhancing the quality of health care,” he said.

More than 6,000 health care providers have voluntarily registered to use the Alberta EHR. Herron is confident that more providers will follow suit. “I’d like to see all community physicians in the province on the system within three years,” he said.

Even remote rural communities across the province will be able to connect to the Alberta EHR as the province’s SuperNet broadband Internet initiative deploys.

“The tremendous benefits of an EHR are widely known, and the vision of implementing one is shared by health systems around the world, but to some it can become a Holy Grail with people expecting it to be all things to all people. Alberta is delivering on this vision”

Alberta Health and Wellness is leading the nation in the field because of its unique approach. It started by working with stakeholders to create something that works and plans to add more functionality over time. The patient directory, lab test results and the prescription drug profiles will be joined in the future by new services such as a province-wide booking system for specialized health services.


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