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Investing Strategically
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<h4>When you are spending significant amounts of <br>public monies you need more than a gut feeling <br>on which to base your decisions</h4>

When you are spending significant amounts of
public monies you need more than a gut feeling
on which to base your decisions

Investing Strategically

Before spending your hard earned money, in pays to find out where you can achieve your best returns

What has changed most about broadband over the last five years is that for many communities waiting for someone else to install services has become too expensive an option. Jobs, population growth and quality of life all hang in the balance while you wait for big government or big business to solve your problems.

But before you decide to spend your hard earned money on broadband infrastructure, you'd be wise to make an investment in finding out where you can get your community's best return on investment.

Michael Curri, Founder and President of the consulting firm Strategic Networks Group, is a leader in a new type of economic planning; strategic planning that includes the evaluation of investments in broadband and IT infrastructures.

Michael explained to us that, "Most communities have a pretty good 'gut feeling' about where IT investment would provide the most economic benefit. But when you are spending significant amounts of public monies you need more than a 'gut feeling' on which to base your decisions."

Michael's company, Strategic Networks Group was responsible for the well known South Dundas study that measured the local economic
and employment benefits that came from that township’s investment in a community fibre network. His company has since gone on to perform similar studies including the one that looked at the benefits derived from Industry Canada's Smart Community project in La Ronge Saskatchewan, as well as one that measured the benefits derived from investments in Telehealth and video-conference learning in Northern Ontario.

Michael says however that the best is yet to come, "Evaluating the effect of broadband investments after the fact is important so that investors can know the value that they received for their money. However what's even more exciting is the type of work we are doing for Elgin County in Ontario. Here we are first conducting a gap analysis of the local economy and then using that information to show where broadband linkages should be created for their local businesses. Once that is complete we then rank and map those linkages so that council can see graphically which broadband investments provide them with their best and most immediate economic returns."

If you have questions about which broadband investments could give your community the most value, you can reach the Strategic Networks Group through their website at www.sngroup.com .


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