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Long Distance Connections
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<h4>Through videotechnology, the Network enables <br>patients and health care professionals <br>to meet face-to-face, even when many <br>kilometres apart.</h4>

Through videotechnology, the Network enables
patients and health care professionals
to meet face-to-face, even when many
kilometres apart.

Long Distance Connections

Bringing Care Closer To Home

Gordon Bennett is wonderful example of the power of telehealth. As a Carleton Place, Ontario resident, he has made the hour-long trip to Ottawa many times for appointments and procedures for his heart problems. But now, Mr. Bennett is able to travel down the street instead.

“It’s fantastic. It so much more convenient, without the travel, the parking, the waiting and the added stress,” says Mr. Bennett. “You sit there and talk to your doctor one-on-one, with no hassle.”

That’s the power of CareConnect. Through videotechnology, the Network enables patients and health care professionals to meet face-to-face, even when many kilometres apart. CareConnect links 39 sites in the South East and Eastern regions of Ontario. Through private, high-speed broadband telecommunications, the Network offers a variety of consultation and education services along the continuum of care. It brings care closer to home and enhances accessibility for patients, families and health care professionals.

Recently, Mr. Bennett attended a clinic at the Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital. There, he was connected to his cardiologist in Ottawa via telehealth. “The nurse was fantastic and really put me at ease, “ he remembers. “The video was excellent and clear. It was really helpful
<h4>The majestic Carleton Place Town Hall</h4>

The majestic Carleton Place Town Hall

to see my doctor on the screen. He was big as life.”

CareConnect offers a full range of clinical consultation services from paediatric to acute cardiac care, to complex continuing care, and palliative care. An innovative part of CareConnect is its clinical work. Specialists offer regularly-scheduled clinics in a variety of specialties, providing ongoing support to rural facilities.
One example is the work being done by Mr. Bennett’s cardiologist at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Over the past two years, Dr. Donald Beanlands and other specialists have provided more than 500 cardiology consultations through weekly clinics.

CareConnect has more than doubled its telehealth activity in the past year with over 1500 consultations to date. In addition, 800 education sessions (with 5000 participants) have been offered. In January 2003, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recognized the Network as a valuable and viable program and provided sustainability funding. CareConnect works in collaboration with the provincial Ministry and the other two Ontario telemedicine networks to improve access to health care for the patients and families in our province

Mr. Bennett sums up his experience “For people who live in rural areas, it’s wonderful. Telehealth is something that needs to be here to stay.”


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