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<h4>Critical Telecoms xDSL solution, <br>will allow my Telco to run fibre <br>from its central office to the <br>metal box located around the <br>corner from my house.</h4>

Critical Telecoms xDSL solution,
will allow my Telco to run fibre
from its central office to the
metal box located around the
corner from my house.


Your new great hope for escape from bandwidth oblivion

There's a big metal box located just around the corner from my house called a cross-connect cabinet. You probably have a version of this cabinet near your house too but I bet you never even noticed yours. ....

Frankly, I never noticed mine either until I had a chance to speak with Ken Davison, VP of Worldwide Sales, Critical Telecom.

Critical Telecom is a Canadian technology company that plans to be first to market with a second generation xDSL solution that will, starting in the fall of 2004, virtually eliminate the roadblocks that have existed to date for providing xDSL service to homes and businesses located beyond the magic 4.7 km distance from the central office. In fact, Critical Telecom's technology will allow your phone company to deliver xDSL services to its customers up to 25km from the central office at speeds of 15-20 Mbps.

To date, Telco xDSL equipment needs to be housed within a central office where there is hydro electricity and lots of rack space. The new generation of xDSL equipment has a very small footprint which enables the equipment to be housed inside these cross-connect cabinets and be line powered from the central office without the need for either hydro power or rack mounting within the enclosure.

This is where I would like to introduce FRED. That four foot high metal box that I have around the corner from my house, is where the copper phone lines from my neighbours' houses terminate and are then connected through to other wires that take the signals to our Telco’s central office. FRED, Critical Telecom's xDSL solution, will allow your Telco to run fibre from its central office to the metal box where its next generation xDSL electronics can be mounted inside. This has all been made possible thanks to the fact that cost, size and power requirements of this new equipment has been reduced by an order of magnitude relative to today's DSL technologies.

Ken Davison went on to explain that the new technology will, in addition to reaching 25km from the central office, support download speeds of more than ten times those that you are receiving from your current DSL service. By the fall of 2004 Ken expects that the combination of their new technology and a more favourable regulatory environment for your Telco will result in the initiation of rapid deployment of this new type of service into communities that have up until now, begun to lose hope that broadband would ever arrive at their doorstep.

And by the way, FRED really stands for Full Rate Extended DSL, the name for Critical Telecom's flagship solution. For more information on FRED you can visit the Critical Telecom web site at www.criticaltelecom.com.


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