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Free Community Service Ads

Pierre S. Pettigrew

Letter from the Minister of Health for Canada

Note from the Editor

The Dawn of a New Era in Canadian Health Care

Heathy Ontario

An Online Owner's Manual for your Body

Planning with Confidence

Decision Aids help us control our medical treatment destinies

Telehealth Beyond Borders

A Lung Transplant Specialist is limited Resource but Nova Scotian's don't go without services thanks to Telehealth Technologies

K-NET; It is all about PEOPLE!!

"Once we saw what telehealth services could do for our community, it just became a question of how we were going to get them."

Investing Strategically

Before spending your hard earned money, in pays to find out where you can achieve your best returns

SciFi Technology Delivers Meat and Potatoes Value

The Quality of Life in Rural Manitoba is being improved Today by Tomorrow's Technologies

The Alberta Electronic Health Record

Alberta leads Canada's Healthcare System into the Digital Age.

The Web Of Wisdom

Home care clients embrace Telehealth Services

Medical 9-1-1

The Ontario Critcall Service Proves to be a Valuable Tool for Physicians

Should that be Telesurgery or Telementoring?

Canada's first ever tele-robotic assisted surgery demonstration between Hamilton and North Bay has important implications for your community hospital.

Life Support at 50 Below 0

The Yukon defines the terms: rural, vast and harsh, telehealth services are are bringing a new quality of life to Canada's last pioneers


Your new great hope for escape from bandwidth oblivion

Long Distance Connections

Bringing Care Closer To Home

The View from CRC

Telehealth in Canada: Cutting through communications barriers

The View from CRC

Telehealth in Canada: Cutting through communications barriers


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