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Welcome to your new Canada Connects web portal.

In order to claim this portal as your own you need to login now, with account name 'admin' and password: '1234'

The following steps are then required to reserve this site for your personal use:

  • click on the login button near the upper right hand corner of this browser window;
  • enter userid 'admin' and password '1234' into the login form, then click on 'submit';
  • Now that you are logged in, click on 'Update My Profile', again near the top right corner of this browser window;
  • complete all required fields in the member registration form with valid and correct information and then click on 'register/update';
  • In the previous step make sure that you change your password to something private to you.
  • Use the 'Edit Text' button at the top of your browser window to open this page and to edit out this message, then click on 'submit'.
  • Congratulations you have completed the portal creation and registration process.

If you experience difficulties, or have questions, please email your requests for assistance to: info@canadaconnects.ca

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