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How to Participate

How to Participate

If you are part of a business, or a healthcare institution or just have something to you wish to buy, sell or tell, connected to the the topic of eHealth or TeleHealth, we will include your information here.

Contributions typically include a single photo accompanied by 50 to 500 words describing your organization and/or interest. Each article appears under its appropriate category and a category list appears down the side menu of each page. We will add new categories as the need arises.

You can submit your photos and articles in one of two ways.
  1. Email us your article at telehealth@canadaconnects.ca with your photo attached. We will post it for you under the category you request, or the one we believe is most suitable.

  2. Self publish as many articles as you wish.
    • Register as a portal member.
    • Logon and move to the category of your choice.
    • Click on the 'add' button in the navigation bar,
    • Follow the steps to upload your own article and your own photos.
    • Add as many articles as you wish.


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