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10 Reasons
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10 Reasons to Participate in our Global eHealth and TeleHealth Resource Guide

  1. It's FREE!
  2. Receive feed back from our visitors without exposing your email address.
  3. Improve your own search engine ranking with text links from Canada Connects.
  4. Promote your project, your organization, or yourself, where people are looking.
  5. Include photos with your profile / info ... still no cost.
  6. Use Canada Connects' established search engine rankings to your benefit.
  7. It's easy to do, just send us your content.
  8. You can change or remove your content, yourself, anytime.
  9. Avoid web-hosting / web-master costs.
  10. Reach a global audience.
For more information, or to contribute contact us at telehealth@canadaconnects.ca.

If you don't see a place for your type of content on our site ... just send it and we'll create the right location.


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