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The site that you just came from was "Powered by Canada Connects."

That means it was driven be one of the most innovative web portal engines on the web today. Whereas most portal systems are designed to be utilized only by experienced web masters, the Canada Connects system is designed for use by anyone who helps run an organization and who is computer literate enough to write a Word document or to edit a spread sheet.

Examples can be seen at:,,, and

Testimonials can be found at:

The way we charge for our services is a bit unconventional.

Step 1: We adapt the portal to operate under the web design templates provided by you, our client or by your designer. Functionality can include:

Step 2: We obtain complete client approval before launch and before a penny is paid.

Step 3: We charge a moderate monthly rate, typically $100/month for a site which is set up once and only needs to be maintained as is. This includes email help desk support for the site administrator. Billing is performed monthly by automatic credit card debit, or tri-monthly by invoice, with payment required in advance of the period to be covered.

Our premium service is available for $400/month which includes telephone help desk and training support as well as custom application development to meet the evolving business needs of the client. With this package we also provide a capability which allows the designer to build their own custom PHP applications which can run inside any portal page.

Joint Projects

We work with designers who need backend capabilities added to their web designs. We can bill our services directly to the designer for resale purposes or to their client, as they prefer.

Joint Ventures

We partner with organizations and individuals who have a unique idea for providing an online service to a targeted community. All art work for the site is to be provided and owned by our design partner and the web machinery will be developed and will be owned, by us.

When the site is launched, ad revenues, or other revenues, will be shared on a 50/50 basis between the two parties. Terms are of course subject to negotiation on a venture by venture basis.

In order to maintain a balance of control the domain name registration will be owned and controlled by the site designer and the hosting platform will be controlled by us.

Free Services

If you operate an unincorporated not-for-profit organization which does not pay administrative salaries, then our services could be free. Ask us ...

Contact Us or call 613-731-8330.

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