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On the Relationship Between Relative Timespace and Quantum State Space for Dummies.

Quantum theory is quite consistent with relativity in many respects. The wave function of a system always travels at the speed of light. It allows us to predict the behavior of electro-dynamic systems. Einstein presented special relativity as a theory of electro dynamics where the nature of light determines everything else.

Light, in essence represents the exchange of momentum between electrons or their equivalent, or in quantum state space, momentums propagating at light speed, ultimately transferring momentum from one system to another. This underlying mechanism mediates all momentum exchanges. When you push on something, the electron interactions exchange the momentum where the change in momentum defines the energy of the light (photon) in every case.

Quantum theory only considers the system from the point of view of a single clock, suggesting absolute time, and preferred clock, contrary to relativity. However, the indeterminacy of time direction in the quantum allows for the relative nature of time relativity exposes.

Quantum state is manifest as changes. An occupied state has been evacuated when it is perceived. The change of state defines distance at light speed manifesting spacetime. While state space represents potentially infinite local dimensions, only states that change are actually manifest, making actual spacetime dimension a subset of infinite spacetime dimension.

If the vacuum is only marginally less energy dense than matter, as proclaimed by Wheeler and others, then indeed all spacetime is manifest in the same manner, by quantum system exhibiting state space.

Spacetime actualized in this manner does not exhibit any fixed dimensional background coordinate system.

State space is nothing more than momentum in time and space, traveling at light speed. This includes dimensions that span our ordinary 3D plus internal local dimensions which manifest mass by delaying energy they receive as if the light travels further inside than the external dimension suggests would be possible. Relativity accounts for this phenomenon as a stretching of timespace due to mass. Quantum theory exposes how this extra dimensionality is manifest as orthogonal transformations in state space matrices. Momentum in state space accounts for the behavior of quantum systems to at least 24 decimal places. There is no room for relativity or other hidden influences. The quantum mechanical description must be complete, and include the effects of relativity or we would get different answers. Hidden variables (influences) have been excluded.

Quantum theory, today, does not consider the vacuum to be composed of ordinary energy. It is postulated as random. This forces us to paste on special relativity as something different that quantum theory when dealing with microcosmic systems as is done in Dirac's equations and QED. This is an area where modern quantum theory is incomplete.

Spacetime is undistinguishable from dynamically actualized quantum state space as exhibited by the kinetic exchanges of momentum.

Jim Whitescarver

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