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Schrodinger's Cat

In order to illustrate that the philosophical implications of the Schrodinger's Equations were not lost even on Erwin Schrodinger, it is interesting to consider a thought experiment devised by Schrodinger himself that attempts to illustrate the paradox of mingling quantum theory with macroscopic processes,

The paradox which this thought experiment raises is the idea that the cat may be neither dead nor alive until the box is opened and its condition observed. At that point the probability function describing the cat's aliveness could collapse into the dead state or the alive state, but prior to opening the box, the cat's wave function could embrace either possibility equally.

The debate over Schrodinger's Cat has created years of discussion and spawned the publication of a library's worth of books, however regardless of how we conclude this particular paradox in our own minds it is clear that quantum theory challenges our beliefs about the concreteness of the universe which we inhabit.

Could the process of knowing or no knowing actually change the fact of an event having taken place? Could obtaining a diagnosis from a physician force your disease state to either exist or not exist. If knowing or not knowing could impact the actual state of the universe, what about believing or not believing?

The philosophical possibilities are endless and for our purposes unresolveable. We leave them now ... forever ... for the reader to contemplate on their own, or with a help of a friend and a cold beverage ... however we will procede forward examining the application of Schrodinger's Equation secure in the knowledge that when we use it, we produce results which confirm our real world experience and the experimental results obtained in the laboratory.

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