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Quantum Mechanics Demystified

This series of articles is designed to demystify the the topic of Quantum Mechanics for the benefit of the educated layperson, and for the beginning physics student who is struggling to understand the initially confusing world inhabited by electrons, photons and other submicropscopic particles.

We are all familiar with the idea of atoms and electrons and how they make up the underlying fabric of the everyday world in which we all live.

To a first approximation thinking of electrons and atoms as tiny billiard balls with electric charges that attract/repel them to/from each other, gives us a pretty good feeling for how they behave.

At this level you will understand why you feel a shock when the electric kettle cord is frayed, or why a salt solution conducts electricity ... but for a more complete understandiing, you will need to give up the saftey of thinking of the atomic world as a miniature version of our own, and learn about the revised rules which govern our physical world when viewed on a scale where electrons would appear to be the size of tennis balls in our world.

Welcome to the land of the electron ...

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